Argentina coach wants to beat Netherlands to reach semi-finals

I want to beat the Netherlands and go to the semi-finals

I want to beat the Netherlands and go to the semi-finals: Argentina's coach

I want to beat the Netherlands and go to the semi-finals: Argentina's coach

10 February 2023  Authorbjbajian

Messi's team was unbeaten in 36 consecutive matches before the World Cup. Undoubtedly, Argentina comes to the World Cup as one of the contenders to win the title. The journey is going on like that. Albiceleste has already reached the quarter finals. However, Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni is confident about the strong Netherlands on the one hand and on the other hand.

With the flying form of Lionel Messi's Argentina, team strength Scaloni is showing potential. However, in this year's World Cup, the Netherlands is also in a great rhythm. Whose past history is also quite rich. The team has played the World Cup final three times so far. Apart from this, the quarter finals are going to be played a total of six times.

That's why the Argentine coach is very cautious about the Netherlands. Scaloni is also expecting a competitive fight. He said, "We know we are going to face a tough opponent in the quarter-finals. But we want the opponent not to burn in this match. We want to play well. Hopefully, we will win this match and go to the semi-finals. I have confidence in the team".

But Scaloni is upset at one point. The reason is also clear, the dream of a team will be broken in the fight of two good teams. Of course, he is watching the side of his students in this exam. Because of that, Scaloni also expressed his regrets in advance for the Netherlands in the pre-match press conference. However, the battle between the two teams is still left. Who knows, in the end the smile will be on the face!

Scaloni considers it a privilege to face Dutch coach Louis von Gaal on his way forward with two-time world champions Argentina. In the press conference, the Argentine coach also praised Bhusai for his unique contribution to coaching. He said, it is a great pleasure to face Gal in a big event like the World Cup. As well as pride.

It should be noted that Argentina - Netherlands are facing each other in the quarter-finals on December 9 at 1 pm. Already there is a lot of excitement surrounding this match. Favorites on social media. Many are shouting in support of the party. Let's see who gets the last laugh. But if Argentina lose, Messi's dream of winning the World Cup will remain elusive.